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Within Our Woodland

At our stunning woodland site, near Honley train station, we boast a versatile and exciting outdoor space. Our forest visitors very quickly start to tingle with an adventuring spirit, upon making their way down the winding path, into the clearing which is our meeting hub. Here, we have a permanent round-house frame, which we may surround with canvas and house a warm fire, to protect us from the elements. Our composting- loos hut provide environmentally friendly convenience. Within our woods we have dedicated areas for cooking, tool use, den building and adventurous outdoor activities. Should any of your children not have appropriate clothing we can help using clothes supplied by our partners TOG24.


We plan and deliver practical and guided sessions relating to outdoor skills e.g. bushcraft, green woodworking, Forest Schools, Outdoor Learning, Forest Therapy & woodland management. Our community benefits by individuals and groups developing a range of skills for use in the outdoors. Groups targeted include primary and secondary aged children, young people and adults suffering from low self-esteem/anxiety/depression related conditions (identified through the school pastoral support system, specific charities and Primary Healthcare Trusts), mental health/wellbeing & social adjustment needs. Our aim is to improve self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience in participants, enabling them to develop perseverance and determination in unfamiliar areas. These skills are directly transferable to participants’ studies, workplaces & daily lives. We offer these services within our own woodland or also at sites such as schools.


While we like nothing else than to be in our woods, we have extensive experience in delivering programmes of work from a single day to a series of structured lessons within school grounds. We can plan outdoor learning around most themes. We will share with you the planning for sessions we provide, highlight any National Curriculum coverage and outline extension activities should you require it. We offer further services including site development and targeted intervention. For more information of how we can support the children at your school, feel free to email us.

Holiday Club

Give your children the very best reason to turn off their screens! They will come home muddy and exhausted and with exciting tales to tell of adventure and daring-do! A great opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills and instill a sense of adventure many of us remember from our own childhood. For more information, dates, availability and prices click here.

The kids absolutely loved it today and will definitely be back for more muddy fun. Thank you

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